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122 people do/did like turtleelectric

Oh my goodness gracianious, you're very cute! hubba hubba

- Anonymous
Report April 12, 2015 4:16am
your face is hella cute and those piercings. mmph.

- demitri
Report April 10, 2015 11:31pm

- Plegian
Report April 9, 2015 6:36am
Sexy ninja.

- Simple not clean
Report April 8, 2015 12:40am
AHHA I'm still laughing I love you so much Skyee piratteee<3333 Thank you for always cheering me up when I need my pirate the most. -You better know who this is seriously

- Anonymous
Report April 1, 2015 11:53pm
I hope you like bisexuals because we're the same age and you're incredibly good looking.

- Anonymous
Report March 30, 2015 11:53pm
69 yesplss

- Anonymous
Report March 26, 2015 5:50am


- Anonymous
Report March 26, 2015 3:19am
!!! you're really hot wowza

- farticuno
Report March 21, 2015 3:45am
- This comment is private -
- This comment is private -
I want you in my bed.

- <3
Report March 17, 2015 2:56am
How could anyone not have a crush on you with that absolutely gorgeous smile?

- Anonymous
Report March 13, 2015 9:09pm
You're too cute. C you at work turtle<3

- Amanda
Report March 12, 2015 8:29pm
Lady that was the best msg

- put it in a taco
Report March 9, 2015 6:41pm
Hey Ugly<3
I still have a mega crush on you and I was super upset when we quit talking
But it's amazing to have you back

- YouKnow<3
Report March 6, 2015 3:49pm
You should let me smoke you out

- stepawayfromthedrawers
Report February 25, 2015 1:13pm

- Anonymous
Report February 13, 2015 6:20pm
- This comment is private -
your really cute :3
I had a crush on you for a day <3

- crowkur
Report February 8, 2015 5:05pm
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