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July 16, 2012 3:52am

SISSTTAHHH!!!!!! i luffith u!!!!!!

Ryan Butler

July 2, 2012 6:55am

the anonymous person who are you?!?!


July 1, 2012 3:31am

Ryan lies Jaylyn, He's mine

Ryan Butler

June 30, 2012 7:02pm


June 29, 2012 8:16pm

awiboo c:
i love you girlie ♥
i want to be there for you till the end.
i don't want you to be sad, so i will be there to keep you happy ♥


June 28, 2012 4:14am

Jaylyn, I have loved you since the day I met you. If you weren't my best friend, and didn't have a boyfriend then I could tell you this face-to-face, but I can't. Everytime I think about telling you, I change my mind because I don't want to come between you and the guy who had you first. I wish I didn't have to make this comment anonymous but I have to, its the only way to let you know how much I love you, how much I'll always love you. No matter what happens between us, or doesn't happen between us, I hope that you'll stay the beautiful and amazing girl that you are. Never Change.

~A Friend

selalamari3 (:

June 17, 2012 8:50pm

ari, you are such an amazing person and i love you with all my heart. so stay amazing sweetie.♥


June 15, 2012 5:43am

Hey ari i know we dont talk anymore , but you are amazing and talented . I remember when you would always [email protected]#$ spiders it made me laugh all the time> know i feel like we've grown apart and you wouldnt want to talk to me because im not popular. well thanks for always being their when i needed it you are a great friend


June 13, 2012 6:05pm

hey sista!
We barely talk now,
but i just want you to know this:
You are amazing, you can never be relpaced. If my other friends realized i can't talk because i am busy.. They would flip out. But when i tell you, you are ALWAYS there no matter what.

I am on the verge of crying right now, but still. Keep in mind that You are awesome and could NEVER EVER EVER be replaced.

i know it make sound like bullshi.t because everyone says stuff like that, but right now i am being sincere.

i love little sista.


June 9, 2012 10:25pm

Ari! you are the best of the best sista in the world, I love youu! and we will always be the bestest friends! ♥♥
-Baby v c;