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hey handsome you're perfect and mean everything to me.I love you with all of my heart okay? I would never do anything to hurt my nialler

- tommo
Report Report Post July 1, 2013 10:53pm

hey, i have feelings for you. i'm not gonna bring hate like everyone else, & just to let you know you & louis make an adorable couple, and i ship it. Also, the first conversation we had lasted a full day till like 7 in my time. so yeah i like you that's it. So bye cutie.
p.s you're amazing & never forget it.

- -Guess?
Report Report Post July 1, 2013 6:30pm

hey horan. Idk why i'm doing this but i still have feelings for you but whatever, you're happy so i'm happy. c':
& Btw you're not ugly

- Anonymous
Report Report Post June 30, 2013 8:12pm

you're a cutie. c:

- miwey
Report Report Post June 20, 2013 5:18pm

I like you both we should talk more but not saying who this is haha any way that's it I'm such a loser

- Anonymous
Report Report Post June 4, 2013 8:20pm

Harry your amazing I understand you just went through a break up but I you need anything I'm always here for you

- {Ariana}- Kay-ah102
Report Report Post June 4, 2013 7:51pm

You're so cute I'd like to get to know you.. But understand that u wanna be single for now

- y0ur-st3lla
Report Report Post June 4, 2013 7:04pm

omfg, i'm soo happy to be yours c':
you mean the world to me. i never want to loose you. your so sweet & nice. i love everything about you. your hugs, kisses hair, clothes etc. your Amazing♥
Love your girlfriend

- your-one-directions-anons♥
Report Report Post June 2, 2013 9:11pm

Well I kinda have a crush on you Niall

- Anonymous
Report Report Post June 1, 2013 11:30pm

i love you.
a lot
i'm so happy to be yours
i love you so fuc.king much♥♥
{sorry for that word.}

- your-one-directions-anons
Report Report Post June 1, 2013 9:52am

Hi harry c:
Guess what?
I have a crush on youu.
Oops. ;p

- your beautiful brown headed princess ❤
Report Report Post May 30, 2013 5:29pm

your amazing. i love you c:
you hugs, and kisses. everything♥
luv chu babe c:

- Anonymous
Report Report Post May 30, 2013 4:56pm

I Really Like Cuddeling With You Niall ♡

~ Lea Michele

- lea michele
Report Report Post May 30, 2013 4:04pm

your hair. your smile. your eyes.
your heigth. your voice. your kisses.
your words. your hands. your heart.
your laugh. your scent. your jokes.
your hugs. your clothes.

- Anonymous
Report Report Post May 30, 2013 4:00pm

you be my peter pan
and ill be your wendy. c:


- Anonymous
Report Report Post May 30, 2013 3:54pm

your cute,funny,gentlemen.
Your the niceset guy i have ever met.
i know your sad about the break up with the other girl.
but with me it won't happen, trust me.
i love you.
even if you don't feel the same way. c:

~Jade {not saying my username)

- guess
Report Report Post May 30, 2013 3:47pm

well i have a crush on niall.♥

- your-one-directions-anons
Report Report Post May 28, 2013 1:32pm

Yea I like your smile and your eyes. Youre sweet, funny, and really down-to-earth.

- selenagomez-anon-0
Report Report Post May 24, 2013 12:07am

you're a good person and you're so nice so yeah that it! love yall NUTELLA is the bomb don't forget that! :)

- Hopper13-1
Report Report Post May 9, 2013 5:52pm

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