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You hardly talk to me anymore and it sucks because like, we were best friends and now, you don't ever talk to me. I miss you, I miss

- Anonymous
Report September 12, 2014 8:47pm

Babe, sorry I'm worrying you. I'm just scared to reveal myself. You haven't talked to me in at least two years..

- Anonymous
Report September 12, 2014 8:31pm

are you still friends with elena bta?

- Anonymous
Report September 12, 2014 6:42am

I realized you posted my comment. Sorry that I worried your beautiful face. I love you so much..

- Anonymous
Report September 11, 2014 10:17pm


I love you so much and can't get over you. You've moved on and I'm just a waste of space now. I wish I would just die.

- Anonymous
Report September 1, 2014 2:33am

I love you, Liv - Kendall

You're the best that's ever happened to me, Loren - Carlos

Hey Taylor, i love you, and Ryder. I just wanted you to know that - Sam

I love you, Logan, i'm so happy we're getting married - Ashley

Hey Winter, remember me? Jk, i love you - Liam

Hey good looks, what's up, Kev? - Erin

Hey, i just met you, and this is- Ok, i'll stop quoting songs, hey Lily! - Austin

Hey dad, thanks for being the weirdest dad ever - Carlie

Hey mom, and sis, we miss you. Family day soon? - Rosie and Luke

- y0ur-an0ns-f0r3v3r
Report September 17, 2013 9:29pm

I love you, babe ~Carlos

I love you, Kayla :) ~James

Luke, I wuuuv yew ~Liz

- xoxo-anons
Report September 17, 2013 8:28pm

Love you all! -Steph&Andrea

Love you dad. P.S: Mom has a secret. But I'm not telling -Alyssa

- @your-amazing-anons
Report September 17, 2013 7:15pm

i love you, you perfect little shit. <3

- Carter
Report September 17, 2013 6:56pm

don't listen to the haters kaylee, you're beautiful ❤

- A
Report August 2, 2013 8:08pm

Boo...Don't worry...Everything's gonna be fine...We love youu!!! <3

- Anonymous
Report July 29, 2013 6:13am

stay beautiful kaylee ❤

- A
Report July 28, 2013 12:24pm


Please don't hate me, I'm so sorry.

- Anonymous
Report July 27, 2013 12:19pm

Kaylee.. I don't know what to do.. Jade is saying I should move on from David.. If I do.. Would you help me look for a guy?

- Hayley
Report July 9, 2013 1:21am

So glad we finally said I do

- xoxo-anons
Report July 2, 2013 11:42pm

Congrats on the marriage Kay. ~Adults

Hi mommy and bros and sis's and uncles and aunts :P ~Steffy

- your-amazing-an0ns
Report July 2, 2013 11:32pm


Your the besssssttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiiiiiiii!!!!!!

- Addie
Report June 28, 2013 7:08pm

Sup, mah momma bear? :P

- Grimmie!
Report June 28, 2013 7:07pm

I love you guys soooo muchhh!!!!!! My sisters from different musters!

- Addie
Report June 28, 2013 3:43am

I wasn't kidding about adopting a kid of yours...

- Addie
Report June 28, 2013 3:35am

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