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January 6, 2018 4:07am

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ensomasuku Gonna be honest with ya, try as I might, I cannot translate this, but from what i managed to peice together it sounds like some sort of add for that jewlry website linked at the bottom.

January 12, 2018 2:34am

Transparently Transient

October 20, 2017 6:37pm

Since when was this a thing? Darn, I suppose I miss everything~ My fault that. I guess I'm just terrible, I stay, I go, I can't ever seem to remember to hang around. Guess that makes me a bad friend, especially since you always welcome me back so enthusiastically every time. Some day I should remember to actually get a hold of your elsewhere, but I never forget you, even when we don't talk.

Well that sounds sappy, kthnxbye gonna go bury myself, have fun, if you guess who I am bonus cookie for you because I'm a terrible person who has no right to know such a nice fella like yourself, oh princely vampiric tiger

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September 11, 2017 12:00am

I want to get to know you better. Not to date you or anything. But just because you seem cool and I need more close friends who I can talk about things with.
I haven't vented anything in a long time.

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Ehh...Imagine me as your favorite person from FT. I'm a bit bashful to say who I am

June 14, 2017 6:00pm

You're an amazing person in general, and a great moderator. I guess a crush might be what you'd call it. Anyway, you've probably guessed who I am. Good day, Isac. ISAC FOR PRESIDENT/PRIME MINISTER.

Quick Like - Anonymous

February 26, 2017 2:14pm

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February 26, 2017 2:14pm

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February 15, 2017 4:09am


February 14, 2017 12:48am

You all flatter me so much x//D