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October 3, 2012 4:57am

Ok, I just need to say this
I really like you
heck I might even love you
I love hugging and kissing
and just being around you
but you probably dont even realize how much that means to me
you probably have so many other girls you do the same things with
just, know I really like you
I really care
and you'll always be my [email protected]#$ cuddle buddy
and if you even notice this comment
which i dont think you will
but if you do
comment on my crushtag
cause i know you know who this is
i love you covered in paint c;
bye now ~

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October 1, 2012 9:36pm

I love you.. and i mean it.
you're an amazing guy and any girl would be lucky to have you.
i understand if you don't feel the samw way. but i thought i'd just let you know..


September 30, 2012 1:05pm

hey David ,
Yewr mah cuddle buddy forever, I love yew. You're amazing , sweet, perfect, breathtaking, flawless, just everything I hope we're friends forever.(:

your-vanessa-anonymous ♥

September 30, 2012 12:53am

omfg, so much to say.
well, first, i missed you.
soooo much.
and i'm sorry i lost teddy.
we shall go find him and love him!
you'll find / her / one day, i just know it. c;
teddy's gonna be your best man, k? k.~


September 29, 2012 10:31pm

I never know what to put here. but you're really cool. c: I didn't really have the courage to talk to you today, but you turned out to be pretty awesome. you should really talk to me more. cx okay, buh - bye.

aileen - aileengoesrarw

September 29, 2012 7:52pm

you are amazing. :)
i love talking to you.
and you make me smile. ;D


September 29, 2012 7:40pm

hello cake buddy.
we only just started talking, but you're pretty cool. we gon' be bffz.
do my crushtag k? k.