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ThisCrush CrushTags!

CrushTags are our claim to fame. They're really very simple, but they've been received with great enthusiasm by the Internet community, especially on MySpace. They're very easy to create and let you find out if anyone does, or once did, have a crush on you. Your friends can post anonymously, or leave their name, and also can choose to be private.

This tag is for your Bzoink, LiveJournal, MySpace, Xanga, or where ever you can put an image! Now in more colors!


Total CrushTags: 1,888,292
Total Crushes: 8,718,957

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Shh! We're figuring out your love life..

Beeep. Boop. Beeeeep Boop!

Actually we're in the middle of redesigning the site and adding some new features! We know it's bad practice to launch something before it's ready but we liked this layout so much better than the old one.. we just couldn't wait any longer. That's why there's this mysterious, seemingly out-of-place, area over here that we're trying to fill up with text!

Something better will be in this spot soon, we promise. In the meantime, enjoy what you came here for anyway! CRUSHTAGS!

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